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The impact of child exploitation in the education setting

This is a highly specialised, immersive course that uses Virtual Reality content to enable a faster, more focused way of learning by experiencing the topic through the eyes of the child.
1 day
up to 15 people face to face
up to 12 people remotely

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will have a deeper understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).
  • Participants will have knowledge and understanding of how CSE might impact on children and young people and their outcomes at school
  • Participants will know how to support the children who have been subjected to exploitation, enabling them to ‘thrive’ and not simply ‘survive.’
  • Participants will be able to ensure all staff recognise the signs of CSE and to understand procedures and appropriate referral pathways.
  • Participants will be able to understand the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the additional risk factors this brings to CSE.


The aim of this course is to assist staff working with children and families to feel confident in recognising the signs of child sexual exploitation and equip them to act on them appropriately. This specialist course provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and gives participants the tools they need to use to identify and work with CSE victims, particularly in the education setting.

Throughout this course we will also look at how we can support and help young people in schools to secure better outcomes and improved life chances as a direct result of the improved understanding of teams surrounding the pupils.

This course is delivered by our expert facilitators who will bring their first hand experience and tailor the course to suit your learning needs.

Our course covers the following topics:

  • Introduce self and aims for today
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • The link between CSE and ACES and the need to understand these in the school context.
  • An introduction about ACES
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, CSE and School
  • Understanding Empathy

We use our unique Virtual Reality clips throughout the course which provides a multi-sensory immersive experience allowing you to view the above through the eyes of the child.

What are the benefits of using Virtual Reality?

  • 4X Faster than classroom and e-learning
  • 4X more focused during learning
  • 3X more connected to the content
  • 40% more confident to apply the learning they experience though VR
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This course includes:

  • Case studies
  • Safeguarding practice reviews
  • Virtual Reality clips
  • Group work
  • Resources

Benefits of the course:

  • Up-to-date and in line with the key legislation and guidance in the UK
  • No pre requisites needed to join this course
  • Virtual Reality clips providing lived experiences through the eyes of the child and young person
  • Delivery from professional and expert facilitators in the field
  • The VR headsets will be deployed to your organisation prior to the training for distribution to delegates

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