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we work directly with over 500 children in care as well as supporting 1000's of practitioners every day

A trusted partner for local authorities

From online procedures to support best practice, to direct work with vulnerable children, adults and families, we are the tried and trusted partner of choice with a reputation for quality.

We work directly with over 500 children in care through our network of independent visitors and advocates, as well as supporting 1000’s of practitioners working with vulnerable children and adults.

direct services for children

Working alongside children, parents, carers, practitioners, managers and directors on a daily basis provides valuable and holistic insights which underpins the development and delivery of our services. We keep the child’s voice at the centre of everything we do and encourage the professionals we work with to develop a reflective and safe approach to their practice.
Our direct services for children and young people include:

• Independent Visiting
• Child protection advocacy
• Looked after advocacy
• Visiting advocacy
• Participation
• Mentoring for care leavers
• Independent Persons at Secure Reviews
• Return from Missing Interviews

Online procedures

Our online procedures and handbooks underpin social care practice and safeguarding board responsibilities, promoting the best possible outcomes for children. They support good practice in an increasingly complex legislative framework, offering clarity and authority in areas where there is a clear statutory obligation, yet also encourage creativity and best practice.
This unique service delivers a complete content creation, updating, hosting and archiving procedures service for:

• Children’s services
• Children’s local safeguarding boards
• Independent fostering agencies
• Independent residential providers
• Regional Adoption Agencies
• Semi Independent Living
• Safeguarding Adult Boards 

independent consultancy services

Our independent consultancy services, delivered by our in-house specialists, include:

• Regulation 44 visits
• Regulation 25 visits
• Service reviews
• Procedure reviews
• Undertaking investigations
• Safer Schools audits
• Inspection preparation (fostering and residential)
• Missing from care interviews

leading the way in 'doing things better'


A collective of smart services and products, designed and developed to improve service delivery within the health, education and social care sectors.


We deliver positive transformational change with our partners, to improve services and outcomes. Our starting point is always – what can we do better?


We have a 30 year history of developing and delivering best-in-class training to address the everyday challenges of those working with children, families and adults.

Support Services

From expert witness and family based assessments, to online procedures and direct children’s services, we are the tried and trusted partner of choice with a reputation for quality.

advocacy for children in care

It’s the small things that make a real difference…..

At Reconstruct, we recruit, match and support 100’s of volunteers and young people every year. Watch our short video hear why our young people find this such a valuable service.

Our independent visitors, who are volunteers and independent of Social Services, establish a supportive and long term relationship with a young person. They will guide and listen to a young person, helping to build their self-esteem and develop new interests and skills over time. It’s fun, and it makes a real difference.

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