How policies and procedures can help improve organisations CQC ratings   - Antser

How policies and procedures can help improve organisations CQC ratings  

How policies and procedures can help improve organisations CQC ratings  

With over 30 years of combined experience, tri.x, part of Antser, is a clear market leader for supporting best practices across 96% of local authorities in England. Recognised as providing proven and trusted procedures that underpin social care practice, safeguarding partnership and board responsibilities, tri.x promotes the best possible outcomes for children and vulnerable adults. 

 A recent survey, that polled hundreds of care home professionals across the country, revealed that around two-thirds of care home staff (86%) admitted that vital aspects of care are being overlooked due to outdated and time-consuming procedures. With this raising several concerns across the sector, there is an urgent need for care providers across the UK to re-evaluate the effectiveness of their current policies and procedures.  

Ellen West, Head of Procedures at Antser, said:

“These past two years have been challenging for us all, but the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly hard for the society’s most vulnerable. While the pandemic brought an unprecedented amount of pressure and challenges on care staff, it also highlighted opportunities to provide better care. It has shown that using improved policies and procedures has the potential to equip individuals with the knowledge and confidence to deliver outstanding care that is in line with the Care Act and other key legislation.

At Antser, we recognise that one of the biggest challenges and areas care providers strive to improve is their Care Quality Commission rating. Taking this on board, we have created and launched our latest Adult Care Provider Handbook, developed for managers and staff working at all levels in care homes, and supported living or domiciliary care services.”

The first of its kind, the handbook has been designed to provide care home providers and practitioners access to a range of informative, personalised, and expert knowledge at their fingertips. Sections of the handbook include core principles and values, safeguarding and deprivation of liberty, meeting regulatory requirements, health, and safety guidance, and a range of guidance and information about inspections. 

Ellen continued: “With CQC inspectors aiming to visit care providers every 6 to 12 months, it is so vital care homes adhere and meet its regulatory responsibilities. Our handbook provides a set of high-quality procedures that have been quality assured by Age UK Hereford and Worcestershire, becoming one of the greatest tools we can provide care homes across the country. When care staff are equipped with this information, it automatically feeds through their delivery of care for their service users and ultimately the CQC rating.”  

Adding to this, Sally Gillies, Adult Social Care Project Manager at Antser said:

“The handbook is a comprehensive source of procedures and practice guidance for the whole service, not just the registered person. Where the focus isn’t solely on processes, but on core values and principles, implementing and embedding them service-wide to provide care that is truly outstanding. There is the added feature of a built-in portal that allows managers to allocate and monitor reading, providing evidence of compliance and learning for inspectors and commissioners.

We are confident that our Handbook will not only have a positive impact on those already caring for vulnerable adults but for the thoughts of adults looking to enter care over the coming years.”


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