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Our story

The Antser Group was born out of a desire to achieve positive change in the health and social care sectors through a connected and transformative approach. Combining talent, technology and innovation with one goal in mind – to achieve better outcomes for children and families.

Why? Because we care and we know things can be done better, this drives us daily and to continually grow to provide solutions which are fundamentally designed to ensure they make a real difference to those who use them.

Our vision

We strive to be the partner of choice for the gold standard of best practice, best in class, best value best services and better solutions. Simply put, our mission is to achieve better outcomes for our partners and for those in their care using the breadth of our talented people, technology and innovation across Antser.

A trusted partner

our expertise spans 30 years and our services are used across 100% of local authorities in England. Combining best practice with innovation and new and emerging technologies, we are leading the way in ‘doing things better’.

Meet the leadership team

Our culture, like our services, has people at the heart and forms the foundations of how we work. The Antser culture underpins our vision – the belief that together we can achieve positive change. Our core values as a reminder of who we are and why we exist.

Richard Dooner

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer at Antser, Richard is responsible for leading Antser and delivering on its mission – to support better outcomes for children, families, vulnerable adults and communities. 

Richard’s career has been spent delivering technology-based transformational solutions that enable positive change and growth within organisations and their networks of clients.


Jonathan Bowler

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Financial Officer at Antser, Jonathan oversees the transformational growth of the company, providing leadership, management and a customer-focused approach for the organisation’s client and business solutions.

Jonathan’s career at Antser and predecessor firms spans over 25 years’ as a recognised transformational leader applying initiative and entrepreneurial drive to commercial decision making. 

Siobhan Harper

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer at Antser, Siobhan is a board-level business executive with over 25 years’ experience within fast-paced, entrepreneurial environments.

Siobhan’s track-record of financial, operational and strategic management across a broad range of sectors has led companies through large-scale transformation and growth, securing inward investments and building high-income generating teams.


Operations Director

As Operations Director at Antser, Kieran is responsible for service delivery across several Antser heritage brands including Carter Brown, Tri.x and Reconstruct, all now part of Antser.

Kieran is responsible for new service developments in technology and data. Integral to his role at Antser are information sharing, service and process development, relationship building, and culture change.



As Delivery Director at Antser, Sejal oversees the delivery of all products, projects and initiatives across Antser, managing the delivery portfolio and project management office (PMO).

Sejal has a wide-breadth of experience in leading and managing large, distributed programme teams to deliver cost-effective business results.



As Sales Director at Antser, Mohammed’s focus is on revenue growth, leading the business development team, through planning and the strategic delivery of our solutions across the health and social care sectors

Mohammed has 18 years’ experience in successfully selling technology-based transformation services across a wide range of sectors.

Meet the subject matter experts

Our Subject Matter Experts share a wealth of experience across the entire spectrum of adult and children’s social care as well as the education and health sectors.  

Serena Hadi

Operations Manager

Serena is committed to improving outcomes for children in and touched by the care system. Social Work England registered, Serena has over 10 years’ experience of managing teams within children’s services. Throughout her career she has engaged with multiple and varied stakeholders and quality assured a range of services.

Shalene Lemmie

VR Service Manager

Shalene Lemmie is a registered Social Worker with over 15 years' experience focusing on families and children. Her career has spanned from working in a variety of London Boroughs, ranging from Children in Need to Child Protection. More recently, Shalene has worked at CAFCASS as a Service Manager in the London Private Law team.

Abby Cooke

VR Service Manager

Abby Cooke is a registered social worker with over 10 years' experience working in Children's Social Care. Previously, Abby has managed the adoption team within a Regional Adoption Agency, developing a greater understanding of the sector and best practice in supporting children and young people, as well as adoptive parents.

Amy Callaghan

Operations Manager

Amy has over 10 years experience working alongside expert witness psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians and social workers, in delivering assessments within family and criminal law proceedings. Amy's experience ranges from partnering with local authority fostering, adoption and child protection teams.

Mandy Miranda

VR Trainer and Facilitator

As an experienced specialist social worker and manager in Adult and Children's Social Care, Mandy's extensive experience spans across Fostering Training, Therapeutic Parenting, Children Centre Management, Criminal & Sexual Child Exploitation, Radicalisation & Extremism, Mental Health services, Adult & Children’s Learning Disabilities, Child Protection Assessment & Safeguarding.

Rinisha Tailor

Professional Advisor

Rinisha is a qualified social worker with over 15 years' experience in providing high quality care and support. With a consistent track record of working successfully with individuals, families and groups, Rinisha possesses vast expertise of assessments, reviews and supervision, as well as management of a residential parenting assessment unit and a mother and baby fostering service.

group facts


Antser products and services are used in 100% of local authorities in England


We are global pioneers of VR enabled behaviour change services for fostering, adoption and beyond


Our technology is delivering sector first applications to support children’s services and deliver on essential KPIs


A trusted partner, our expertise spans 30 years and our services are used across 100% of local authorities in England. Combining best practice with innovation and new and emerging technologies, we are leading the way in ‘doing things better’.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our solutions could benefit your service.  

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