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At Antser, we firmly believe that no child’s education should be disrupted due to familial, health or environmental circumstances. Led by our board of education, trauma and children’s services experts, we have combined our experience with innovation and technology to address learning disruption and the underlying causes. Our holistic approach supports both the child and the team around the child – educators, support teams, parents and carers, as well as wider agency groups.

Our education programmes specifically address the impact of trauma or adverse experiences on a child and young person, and minimising disruption to learning.

Understanding trauma for improved outcomes

The immersive nature of our VR programme for schools allows the team around the child to experience the impact of trauma, abuse and neglect through the eyes of the child. 

Our established programme is a clinically-led, technology enabled behaviour change tool. 

Our education solutions


Our technology is intuitive for teachers and pupils alike; does not require integration with any other systems
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Through our immersive solutions, we can guarantee continuity of learning for pupils and students in critical years


Our unique solutions (patent pending) for schools combine Virtual Reality, Webcam and 360-camera technology to provide continuity of learning 

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Our technology is intuitive for teachers and pupils alike; does not require integration with any other system – simply plug and play; and is fully supported by our dedicated ‘virtual classroom’ team.  

Our virtual classrooms are accessed simply and securely via VR headsets which can be deployed by schools to a pupil, or groups, required to remain out of the classroom for a period of time.  This immersive experience enables 1:1 or group sessions to be undertaken in 3D or CGI enabled environments. 

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