Antser are proud winners at Health Tech Digital Awards 2021 for use of VR

Antser are proud winners at Health Tech Digital Awards 2021 for Best Use of Virtual Reality

Antser are proud winners at Health Tech Digital Awards 2021 for Best Use of Virtual Reality

A leading health and social care technology provider has been announced as the winner in the ‘Best Use of Virtual Reality’ category at the Health Tech Digital Awards 2021.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of transformational solutions, Antser works with professionals on the front line in supporting children, young people and vulnerable adults

The annual Health Tech Digital Awards celebrate and recognise technology excellence across the health and social care sector and Antser are delighted to be selected as the winners, having competed against some strong competition in the category.

Based on their work with Darent Valley Hospital, a member of the Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, Antser were recognised as the winners for the use of Antser Virtual Reality (VR) technology within the hospital’s Safeguarding Training.

Overseen by the Safeguarding Children’s Team, Antser VR  has been used as a Level 3 training and development resource for the hospital workforce, including A & E, paediatrics, and maternity. Following the training, over 10 staff members were able to deliver the effective VR training programme to a further 164 staff members throughout the organisation.

Richard Dooner, Chief Executive Officer at Antser, said:

“We are thrilled to have been crowned the winners of the Best Use of Virtual Reality category for our successful partnership with Darent Valley Hospital at the Health Tech Digital Awards 2021.

Over the course of the pandemic we have noticed a need for innovation and technology solutions across the health and social care sector. Antser empowers and provides professionals with the knowledge and skills to help deliver better outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our society and this award is a huge recognition of both our and Darent Valley Hospital’s hard work.”

Darent Valley Hospital Use Antser VR

Sonya Stocker, Senior Sister for Safeguarding at Darent Valley Hospital, said:

“Antser winning the category, ‘Best Use of Virtual Reality’ is fantastic news, we have been so pleased with the results of our partnership.

“Developed initially for the child agenda, a Family Focused safeguarding training was created and delivered jointly with the Child and Adult Team enabling us to use the VR training to enrich staff’s knowledge and skills across the whole safeguarding agenda; from pre-birth through to our elderly patients with training being delivered.

“The opportunity for staff to experience the ‘lived experience’ has changed staffs’ experience of safeguarding training in a positive way, the feedback has been amazing, and our internal systems have shown that the amount of and quality of information provided on referrals has significantly improved.

“We are delighted with the results and the award is well deserved and reflects this highly innovative work.”

Antser VR are the global pioneers of VR-enabled behaviour change programmes designed for children’s and adults’ social care, as well as health and education. Using in-house designed, hard-hitting VR films as case studies, they immerse users into the lives of children and young people who have experienced trauma and abuse, offering the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the child or young person.

Following the VR training, Darent Valley Hospital is now looking to explore how VR can be used for a stop smoking initiative and to work with other health partners to provide trauma informed training.

With over 30 years’ experience, Antser provides better outcomes for children, adults, families, and communities by delivering training and practice using virtual reality within child protection and safeguarding, across children’s and adults’ sectors in the UK.

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