Antser Learning (formerly known as Reconstruct) has a history of over 30 years in training and practice within child protection and safeguarding, across the Children’s and Adults workforce in the UK.

Antser Learning engages within sectors where human feelings, vulnerabilities and safeguarding will always be priority. Our training has been proven to support professionals across the multi-agency sectors by changing behaviours, challenging “the standard responses” and ultimately, the outcome.

Most recently we have developed a suite of Virtual Reality (VR) enabled ‘behaviour change’ courses which address key themes of care and practice. Our courses increases empathy through training and enable learners to successfully manage difficult situations through the use of key information and proven methodologies. To learn more about our VR training suite, have a look below at our training solutions. 


We offer a suite of courses which combines immersive Virtual Reality technology with our core safeguarding and specialist course topics. This technology provides a more focused learning environment and has been proven to accelerate behaviour change through feedback from professionals which has supported them to have a greater understanding of the child’s needs. Our training enables delegates to successfully manage difficult situations through the use of key information and proven methodologies.

Our technology is intuitive for facilitators and delegates; it does not require integration with any other system – simply plug and play; and is fully supported by our dedicated Virtual Reality Tech team.


We offer a range of Safeguarding, Child Protection and practical course topics delivered exclusively for your organisation. These courses are suitable for all practitioners/staff working or volunteering with organisations supporting children and adults.

We are also able to offer design and delivery of bespoke training to support with challenges that you may be facing in a specific area of practice.


We host a range of open courses which are suitable for individuals such as social workers and safeguarding practitioners across children’s services, adult services and partner agencies. Due to COVID-19 all open courses are being delivered via Zoom.

This works in the same way as face to face training allowing for group work, open discussion and the sharing of videos and case studies to support group collaboration.


Children's Services

Our Children’s Services courses are designed to help social work and safeguarding professionals develop a better understanding of circumstances surrounding the child and use proven methodologies to provide better outcomes for children and families. 

Adult Services

Our Adult Services courses offer a wide range of tools and proven frameworks that equip social work and safeguarding professionals to confidently navigate and respond to the challenges surrounding vulnerable adults.  


Our learning programme for the Health sector, the first of its kind, is proven to engage and teach quicker through Virtual Reality, enabling healthcare professionals to implement their findings with increased confidence, and develop a better understanding of patients. 


Our VR learning programme for schools is a technology enabled behaviour change tool, designed to support the team around the child in understanding a child’s emotions, trauma and potential triggers so that they can support, care and guide them differently.

virtual reality training
Available as a self-serve contract or via training

VR self-serve contract
and coaching

Our VR Practitioner Training certifies professionals in the use of Antser VR. A day-long course equips professionals with the required skills to use Antser VR in practice, prompting participants to think strategically about how they might use it, whilst ensuring they have the required ethical framework to use the tool effectively. 

VR safeguarding and
contextual safeguarding

Our VR safeguarding and holistic safeguarding model is designed to provide carers and professionals with an understanding of the environments that children and adolescents grow up in. Using VR, carers and professionals see up-close the interplay between young people and their existing environments. 

VR trauma

Our VR trauma training sessions provide carers and professionals with a fast-track understanding of trauma and its consequences for children and families. Exploring a range of immersive VR experiences, carers and professionals see how childhood abuse and neglect cause trauma; reflecting on early-life trauma. 

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