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Technology products and services designed and developed to improve service delivery within the care, health and education sectors

smart and intuitive as standard

Antser provides a collective of smart services and products, designed and developed to improve service delivery. A partnership approach is core to our business and our pioneering services deliver a unique combination of skills, capabilities, and products that support technology-enabled transformation.

Our solutions are designed with one aim in mind – to deliver better outcomes.


Antser Virtual Reality (VR) allows the user to experience the impact of trauma, abuse and neglect through the eyes of the child. Our established technology is a clinically-led, behaviour change tool designed to enhance the adults’ understanding of a child’s emotions, trauma and potential triggers to improve the care, support and guidance they provide.

As global pioneers of the first VR enabled behaviour change programme for children’s services, we have further developed our VR capability to deliver a safe and secure virtual environment allowing individuals to meet, connect and engage with their wider support team.


CareMatch Portal is an online matching portal with a variety of frameworks that enables local authorities to efficiently and quickly match a citizen’s requirements with a care package and service provider within their database.

Having a dual functionality – for both local authority brokers as well as third-party service providers, the CareMatch Portal brings essential time and costs savings by automating the referrals process, mitigating risks and offering a system that is able to choose the most suitable applications, taking into consideration key aspects of each provider registered through its portal.

Smart systems

We employ some of the UK’s leading design and development talent to deliver intuitive, solution-focused systems and applications.

Our technology – ranging from CRM systems to mobile engagement applications – is used across the health and social care sector both in the UK and internationally.

leading the way in 'doing things better'


A collective of smart services and products, designed and developed to improve service delivery within the health, education and social care sectors.


We deliver positive transformational change with our partners, to improve services and outcomes. Our starting point is always – what can we do better?


We have a 30 year history of developing and delivering best-in-class training to address the everyday challenges of those working with children, families and adults.

Support Services

From expert witness and family based assessments, to direct children’s services, we are the tried and trusted partner of choice with a reputation for quality.

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