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Technology products and services designed and developed to improve service delivery within the care, health and education sectors

smart and intuitive as standard

Antser provides a collective of smart services and products, designed and developed to improve service delivery. A partnership approach is core to our business and our pioneering services deliver a unique combination of skills, capabilities, and products that support technology-enabled transformation.

Our solutions are designed with one aim in mind – to deliver better outcomes.

innovation for change

As global pioneers of the first VR enabled behaviour change programme for children’s services, we have further developed our VR capability through “Social VR Rooms” – to deliver a safe and secure virtual environment allowing social work and safeguarding professionals in adult and children’s social care, as well as educationalists and healthcare professionals to meet, connect and engage with their wider support team. 

Our therapeutic, 360 environment is akin to being there is person, and has been developed with two critical factors in mind – keeping children, young people, vulnerable adults and families connected regardless of physical, emotional or environmental factors. 

Our patented, intuitive technology, has a diverse range of uses in children’s and adults’ social care, as well as health and education. 

Demand identification

We believe the detail is in the data, but with increasing volumes of data across systems, departments, agencies and geographies, making use of data can prove arduous, costly and restrictive.

Based on our core value of delivering better outcomes, our demand identification tool, Antser Insight, simplifies the big picture, enabling you to understand where you are now and where you would like to be – next month, next year or in 5 years time. 

Smart systems

We employ some of the UK’s leading design and development talent to deliver intuitive, solution-focused systems and applications.

Our technology – ranging from CRM systems to mobile engagement applications – is used across the health and social care sector both in the UK and internationally.

leading the way in 'doing things better'


A collective of smart services and products, designed and developed to improve service delivery within the health, education and social care sectors.


We deliver positive transformational change with our partners, to improve services and outcomes. Our starting point is always – what can we do better?


We have a 30 year history of developing and delivering best-in-class training to address the everyday challenges of those working with children, families and adults.

Support Services

From expert witness and family based assessments, to online procedures and direct children’s services, we are the tried and trusted partner of choice with a reputation for quality.

Antser insight for local authorities

We present Local Authorities with a pathway to follow their vision by using data analytics and machine learning to develop a deeper understanding of the Children’s Services landscape. 

Antser Insight is a  business intelligence and data science platform that provides insights on present and future states of your organisation or service. We use both market (open), specific local data sources and intelligence presented back through a web dashboard. 

antser insight
better data for better decisions

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