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Combining best practice with innovation and new and emerging technologies, we are leading the way in ‘doing things better’


A trusted partner, our expertise spans 30 years and our services are used by the NHS and independent providers, as well as 100% of local authorities in England, the police and judiciary. Combining best practice with innovation and new and emerging technologies, we are leading the way in ‘doing things better’.

We provide a range of solutions to support people who access health services, and the teams around them. We support our partners through a variety of products and services including assessments; workforce development and retention and transforming behaviours. Available as standalone services or, combined, as a service transformation programme.


Leading the field in expert witness and family-based assessments for 20 years, our team of over 500 retained psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, and social workers deliver over 4,000 assessments every year.

In addition to our expert witness and family-based assessments, we also provide mental capacity assessments. 

Our nationwide network of experienced Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding [DoLS] assessors are appropriately trained and qualified, all either approved under section 12 of the Mental Health Act 1983 or registered medical practitioners with at least three years’ post-registration experience.  

workforce development and retention

We understand that training and retaining staff is at the heart of an effective service. Born out of the belief that things could be done better, our pioneering VR-enabled programme delivers learning and behaviour change across a range of core and emerging topics. Our learning programme, the first of its kind, is proven to engage and teach quicker, at greater depth and learners able to implement what they have learnt with increased confidence.

As well as our VR-enabled programme, we also deliver a full suite of safeguarding courses that focus on the everyday challenges for healthcare professionals and support staff working with children and adults.


Our VR programme is a technology enabled behaviour change tool, designed to support health care professionals in identifying trauma through abuse or neglect, and understanding the impact on a child or young adult, and the potential triggers, so that they can support, care and guide them differently. 

Born out of first-hand experience of the social care system, this powerful approach quickly and effectively delivers the knowledge, understanding and empathy that otherwise can take years to develop.



Group 3


A collective of smart services and products, designed and developed to improve service delivery within the health, education and social care sectors.

Group 6


We deliver positive transformational change with our partners, to improve services and outcomes. Our starting point is always – what can we do better?

Group 4


We have a 30 year history of developing and delivering best-in-class training to address the everyday challenges of those working with children, families and adults.

Group 4

Support Services

From expert witness and family based assessments, to direct services, we are the tried and trusted partner of choice with a reputation for quality.

social vr rooms

Use in the health sector 

A revolutionary conferencing solution and meeting space where a health professional can safely enter another individual’s environment, without being present in a physical space. 

Outcomes for patients and health practitioners

Informed decision making and proactive approach  as times going back and forth between GPs/social workers/consultants  are reduced
– Older people with LDD living in care homes are a target group will be able to communicate with their families and doctors easily 

Use cases

General Practitioners


Care home residents 

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