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ViRtual reality across antser

Antser Virtual Reality (VR) allows the user to experience the impact of trauma, abuse and neglect through the eyes of the child. Our established technology is a clinically-led,  behaviour change tool designed to enhance the adults’ understanding of a child’s emotions, trauma and potential triggers to improve the care, support and guidance they provide.

As global pioneers of the first VR enabled behaviour change programme for children’s services, we have further developed our VR capability to deliver a safe and secure virtual environment allowing individuals to meet, connect and engage with their wider support team.

Our patented, intuitive technology, has a diverse range of uses to directly support vulnerable children and young people, as well as the team around them.

the programme

Proximity is a key driver for empathy. Our VR Programme, closely follows the lives of children and young people from pre-birth to adolescence as they experience trauma, abuse and neglect, placing the user at the heart of their experiences through a series of VR immersive films. 

By embarking on an unforgettable journey through VR, practitioners who work with children, young people and families will develop an enhanced understanding and empathy towards vulnerable individuals, ultimately challenging their own behaviour to better respond in ways that will prevent future trauma and damage.

learning & development

Our Virtual Reality enabled courses are a learning and development tool that enables positive change focusing on the everyday challenges for those working with children, adults and families. This includes social work professionals, occupational therapists, other social care practitioners, provider services and partner agencies such as the education sector and health. By enhancing the learning experience with VR technology, practitioners will benefit a more rapid and enhanced learning journey. 

antser virtual vision

Our simple, intuitive technology supports vital human connections and continuity of relationships – personal or professional – when other factors prevent contact in person. Our technology can be used in a variety of 1:1 settings within children’s and adult social care, health and education. To learn more about our technology, click below. 


The Antser VR Programme is used across 45% of local authorities in England


We deliver over 300 training courses every year


2000 VR practitioners certified across 3 continents and 6 countries experiencing immersive films

case studies

The VR Programme and learning tools are used extensively by teams across the children’s services sector, including early intervention – parenting programme, children centres; health; education; social care – foster care, adoption, children in care teams, youth offending teams, perpetrators, the police, judiciary and frontline NHS teams. Explore our case studies by clicking below:

in the press

Explore some of our recent articles about our technology as featured in the national press. 

the world's first behaviour change tool designed for children and young people

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