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our vision

In direct response to the disruption caused by COVID, Antser has developed an
immersive solution (patent pending) enabling students to be virtually present in their classroom when unable to attend in person. Using secure, immediately deployable technologies, our COVID response for schools means no child need miss another day of their education.

Self-isolation is a real and unpredictable prospect for every student in school. Preventing the physical disruption and emotional toll caused is essential in minimising the adverse impact on their education.

whole school solution

With a full 360-degree view of their classroom, friends, teachers and learning assistants, our education specific solution offers engagement and interaction akin to being in the classroom, in person. 

With good teaching our immersive approach ensures a comprehensive learning

virtual deployable classrooms

Virtual classrooms are an intensive and enriching addition to our whole school solution which can be used to support a school’s existing home learning solution. 

Bringing students together in VR, who are physically separated, allows for a ‘greater depth’ learning experience compared to online, classroom, self-study or work packs. 

Immersive enrichment and pastoral support

The virtual and 360 nature of our rooms lends itself to a number of uses, for example 1:1 or small group sessions for all students including those with particular needs such as SEN or SEMH.

Students can meet directly with their teacher in one-to-one or in small groups of up to 12.

antser vision for primary and secondary schools

No learning disruption

Easy to use

Immediately deployable

Safe and secure

watch the video

Watch Saffron as she joins her colleagues in the classroom, using Virtual Reality and 360-webcam technology. 

we are looking for schools to partner with us

Find new ways of using cutting-edge technology to combat COVID-19 challenges 

Connect children with classrooms when they are unable to attend a class physically

Help us further develop our safeguarding protocols - rigorous testing and development

become a partner

We are looking for partners to work with us through this pilot stage.  Get in touch if you’d like to learn more. 

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