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Frontline service quality - online procedures and mental capacity assessments

Supporting best practice across 95% of local authorities in England

We provide online procedures, practice guidance and tools for adult social care. Designed specifically to meet the needs of practitioners working in local authorities, our procedures, practice guidance and tools embed personalisation and strengths-based practice and support effective, consistent decision-making in line with the Care Act and other key legislation.

Procedure content is regularly reviewed and updated by our board of legislation and case law experts and reflects the needs of practitioners across the entire landscape of adult social care.

online procedures

All of our practice guidance and tools is exclusive and has been tried and tested by both practitioners and adults with care and support needs.
Benefits associated with our adult procedures include: 

  • Procedures are always up to date and compliant
  • Allows for more time to focus on improving local processes and practice
  • Creates a culture of autonomous, confident practitioners
  • Compliments and enhances internal training, supervision and continuous professional development
  • Increases team ownership of procedures and local resources
  • Best practice becomes consistent across all services
  • Reduces the risk of challenges, complaints and judicial review
  • Robust archiving-easy to retrieve older versions if required

online procedures for SAFEGUARDING ADULT BOARDS

New for 2021, tri.x, part of Antser, brings its years of experience to this comprehensive suite of online procedures and practice guidance for Safeguarding Adults Boards.

With safeguarding principles at their centre, the procedures will support multi-agency practitioners to make effective, consistent and defensible decisions under the Care Act and other key legislation.


Our nationwide network of experienced Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding [DoLS] assessors are appropriately trained and qualified, all either approved under section 12 of the Mental Health Act 1983 or registered medical practitioners with at least three years’ post-registration experience. Additionally, our Best Interest Assessors [BIA] all have at least two years’ post-qualification experience and have completed approved training to be a BIA.

Our assessors are supported by a team of highly trained, dedicated case handlers who will be responsible for your case from start to finish. This means you will have one point of contact throughout the assessment and reassurance that if any issues arise, they will be dealt with quickly and effectively.
Our adult based assessments include:

  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard Assessments (including BIA)
  • Care Act Assessments (including Carers Assessments)
  • Mental Capacity Assessments (including CoP3 for Court of Protection)
  • Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR)

We aim for all of our assessments to be completed within a twenty-one-day timescale, meeting the legal requirements for a standard authorisation. However, we may also be able to complete an assessment in as little as 7 days in cases where the applicant is already receiving care and where an urgent authorisation has been requested.

The cost agreements that we provide are all based on a fixed fee framework and are dependent on which sections of the DoLS assessment you have requested.

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