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transforming behaviours - delivering a safe and secure virtual environment for the elderly and vulnerable adults

Innovation for change in adult social care

As global pioneers of the first VR enabled behaviour change programme for children’s services, we have further developed our VR capability to deliver a safe and secure virtual environment allowing elderly or vulnerable adults to meet, connect and engage with their wider support team.

This therapeutic, 360 environment is akin to being there in person, and has been developed to address 3 critical factors for those in adult or elderly residential care settings – increasing human contact, reducing loneliness and health deterioration.


Our simple, intuitive technology supports vital human connections and continuity of relationships – personal or professional – when other factors prevent contact in person:

  • Meet with family, friends and loved ones regardless of geography, health, mobility or environmental factors
  • Allow care decision makers – family, friends or local authority commissioners – to virtually visit a setting to aide decisions on suitability

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