New programme of training looks to “challenge the standard response”

New programme of training courses looks to “challenge the standard response” of those working and dealing with children, young people and vulnerable adults

Antser, a leading provider of transformational solutions to the health, education and social care sectors, has launched a brand new programme of pioneering Virtual Reality (VR) training courses to help secure positive outcomes for children, young people and vulnerable adults.

With a recent PwC study finding that those learning via VR are 3.75 times more connected to the content than classroom learners, Antser Learning (formally known as Reconstruct) aims to challenge the “standard responses” by enhancing the understanding of professionals across children’s and adults’ social care, health and education.

The study, which looked at the effectiveness of VR for soft skills training also found that those using VR learn 4x faster than classroom training and are 40 percent more confident to apply what they have learned than classroom learners. They are also 4x more focused during the experience.

Through its innovative training courses – which cover a range of topics including safeguarding, domestic abuse and working with dangerous and evasive behaviours – Antser Learning gives professionals the opportunity to walk in their footsteps thereby increasing empathy, changing attitudes and modifying behaviour to enable positive change.

Nadia Dooner, Head of Learning at Antser, said: “As the world around us continues to change and present unforeseen challenges, we are continually striving to adapt our learning programme to ensure the very best results for those working with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

“Our training enables delegates to successfully manage difficult situations through the use of key information and proven methodologies. Our training can also be tailored to support challenges which organisations may be facing in a specific area of practice, which is crucial now more than ever before.”

Alison Alexander, Strategic Lead at Antser, said: “We are incredibly proud of our pioneering VR courses, which have already achieved proven results across the children’s and adults’ social care sectors. The immersive storytelling offered by our VR technology enables professionals to witness first-hand the experiences of those in their care, improving their understanding and thereby their ability to provide better outcomes.

“Using proven methodologies, our courses give social work and safeguarding professionals a wide range of tools and frameworks that equip them to confidently navigate and respond to the challenges surrounding children, young people and vulnerable adults.”

Antser Learning has over 30 years of experience in delivering training and practice within child protection and safeguarding, across the children’s and adults’ sectors in the UK.

In addition to the VR courses, Antser Learning also provides a wide range of classroom courses. This includes Core Skills training, Safeguarding training and specialist training. We also offer a range of open courses for practitioners to book onto. At present all our courses are successfully being delivered via Zoom or Teams.

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