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The Cornerstone Partnership is now proudly part of Antser

Pioneers of the world’s first Virtual Reality experience for children’s services, with the goal of getting children on their best path as soon as possible.

The Cornerstone Partnership is now proudly part of Antser

The immersive nature of the Antser Virtual Reality (VR) programme allows the user to experience the impact of trauma, abuse and neglect through the eyes of the child. Our established programme is a clinically-led, technology enabled behaviour change tool. It is designed to enhance the adults understanding of a child’s emotions, trauma and potential triggers to improve the care, support and guidance they provide.

Cornerstone has become a part of the Antser group.
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Our experienced team are on hand to support you, covering training, usage, evaluation and technical support. Please do get in touch will us with all enquires.

Access information on our history, content library, research reports, evaluation and outcomes data, also media articles relating to our  journey.

View our evaluation strategy, download the forms to collect internal evaluation data, review event evaluation reports as well as a template for presenting case studies. 

Here you will find the VR programme certification course, case study for training and additional course information. 

Your essential guide to the headset kit, learn how to use our  hardware and access the software simply and safely.


Our experienced team are here to support you

Alison Alexander

Strategic Director

Serena Hadi

Operations Manager

Shalene Lemmie

VR Service Manager

Joy Waeland

Education Lead
Siobhan Harper

Siobhan Harper

Business Development Director

James Orton

Concierge, Operations and Communications Officer

Callum Hurley

VR Technical Support & Administrator

Meet our Strategic Director – Alison Alexander

As the Strategic Director at Antser, Alison Alexander leads the company’s strategic mission to deliver improved outcomes for some of society’s most vulnerable. Alison’s efforts are focused on working in partnership with the sector and Antser clients by combining innovative technology with human-centred service solutions – to deliver positive change across the health, education and social care sectors.

Alison has over three decades of experience within children services on a global level having previously acted as Director of Children’s Services and more recently as a local authority CEO

Alison Alexander