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better data for better decisions

The difference between good and great is in the detail

We believe the detail is in the data, but with increasing volumes of data across systems, departments, agencies and geographies, making use of data can prove arduous, costly and restrictive.

Our core values at Antser revolve around providing better outcomes for children, families and communities which is why we’ve created Antser Insight for Local Authorities.

Antser Insight simplifies the bigger picture, enabling your Local Authority to understand the present and future of your organisation and plan for the unpredictable, ahead of time.

what is insight?

Insight is an enriched data source with BI tooling that provides a window into the strategic questions and challenges facing the children’s social care sector.

With Insight, you will be able to:

  • View live data on national, regional and service specific metrics and compare and benchmark against neighbours and national averages
  • View complex data in digestible dashboard illustrations, with the ability to drill down into the detail
  • Set alerts and notifications on performance to proactively manage risk, outcomes and financial performance and change parameters, such as investment or resource, to view long term predictive outcomes

the benefits

Quick and easy reports

Effective Risk Management

Accessible On The Go

Export And Download Reports

a strategic resource

Insight is easy to use, fully customizable and secure.

You can view live data on relevant metrics, compare them with the national averages, view long term predictive outcomes and manage risk.

And because we truly believe in making things simpler, Insight offers hassle free integration with your existing systems and, being web based, no installation is required – just plug and play to get instant value from the first log on.

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