Antser VR Recognised as ‘Product of The Year’ in National Awards

Antser’s Pioneering VR Recognised as ‘Product of The Year’ in National Awards

Thanks to its success in a number of partnership schemes over the past year, Antser’s pioneering virtual reality (VR) technology has now been shortlisted in the National Technology Awards 2021.

Based on its work with organisations such as the East Metropolitan Police and Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust over the past year, Antser VR has been shortlisted in the Virtual or Augmented Reality Product of the Year category, having been recognised for its innovative approach.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of transformational solutions, Antser works with professionals on the front line in supporting children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Antser VR is one of the first VR-enabled behaviour change programmes designed for children’s and adults’ social care, as well as health and education. Using in-house designed, hard-hitting VR films as case studies, they immerse users into the lives of three characters from pre-birth to adolescence to give participants the chance to experience real life situations, like abuse, neglect and exploitation, directly through the eyes of a child.

Richard Dooner, Chief Executive Officer at Antser, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been shortlisted for a National Technology Award. In the face of the pandemic, our teams have worked incredibly hard over the past year, working with the relevant organisations and those on the frontline to ensure the very best outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and adults. Our VR films have been instrumental in doing that; raising further awareness of ongoing issues exacerbated by lockdown and other restrictions.

“This in itself has been an incredible achievement and to have this recognised by an external panel is fantastic, given this challenging, albeit rewarding, year.”

As global pioneers of the first VR enabled behaviour change programme for children’s services, Antser delivers transformational solutions to the health, education and social care sectors, in partnership with local authority and independent providers. 

Antser VR aims to enhance the understanding of professionals within these key sectors and challenge the “standard responses”, with topics covering a range of sector issues including safeguarding, domestic abuse (DA) and working with dangerous and evasive behaviours in a bid to deliver positive change and improved outcomes for vulnerable children, adults, families and communities.

For more information about Antser VR, click here.

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