Webinar: Using VR to support positive outcomes for virtual schools - Antser

Webinar: Using VR to support positive outcomes for virtual schools


TIME: 12:00

Area: Antser VR

Topic: Using Virtual Reality to Support Positive Outcomes for Virtual Schools

Abby Cooke - VR Service Manager at Antser Jean Thompson - Virtual School Headteacher Rachel Allan - Children in Need Education Lead at Gateshead LEA "


Antser have developed the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) experience for Children’s Services, now used by Virtual Schools across the UK. The VR programme was originally designed by adopters, social workers, children in care and psychologists, with the sole purpose of changing the lives of families affected by the care system.

The Immersive storytelling VR programme is now used by a host of virtual schools across the UK as well as 46% of local authorities across the UK.

As educationalists start to realise the tremendous possibilities offered through VR technology we are thrilled to share with you our innovative VR programme that has helped and supported better outcomes for hundreds of children across the UK.

Put simply, in this webinar you will hear first-hand from one of our Virtual School partners in the UK about their own experience using our immersive films. Guided by our VR practictioners you will also have the opportunity to see some of the films that we use in education and ask questions at the end of the session.

LOCATION: online


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