Webinar: Reducing the Risk of a Closed Culture - Antser

Webinar: Reducing the Risk of a Closed Culture


TIME: 12:00

Area: Adult Services

Topic: Reducing the Risk of a Closed Culture

Sally Gillies - Adult Social Care Manager


This webinar is part of a series of free topical webinars for registered managers of care homes in England.

A closed culture is "a poor culture that can lead to harm, including human rights breaches and organisational abuse"". Closed cultures have been identified in many serious case reviews, most notably that of the Winterbourne View Hospital.

Facilitated by Sally Gillies, a registered social worker, and author of our new Adult Care Providers Handbook, this learning webinar for Adult Social Care practitioners, explains the key signs and indicators of a closed culture in care and some of the things services can do to reduce the risk and promote a culture that is open.

Attendees will be supported to understand what a closed culture looks like in practice, the effect it can have on the morale of staff and the lived experience of residents, and the proactive steps that attendees can take away and implement to reduce the risk of it ever happening.

If you are a registered manager of a care home, work within adults' social care, or simply want to join to learn more about this topic, then register today for our event.

LOCATION: online


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