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Funding for VR Innovations in Health, Education and Social Care

Funding for VR Innovations in Health, Education and Social Care

At Antser, we recognise the transformative power of virtual reality (VR) technology in enhancing learning and understanding across health, education and social care.

We are committed to helping public and private organisations across the UK harness the potential of VR in order to improve the care, support and guidance they can provide to children, young people, vulnerable adults, and within their wider communities.

Recognising that budget concerns can be a significant hurdle for some, in this guide we will explore a range of funding options tailored to organisations with additional financial considerations.

With the right support, your transformative VR initiatives can become a reality, positively impacting your staff and the lives of those you serve.

Open Grants

The National Lottery Community Fund

This fund offers multiple changing grants that are accessible to Statutory Bodies, including Local Authorities and Councils.

Youth Endowment Fund

Provides funding opportunities to prevent children and young people becoming involved in violence.

Violence Reduction Network

The VRN is an alliance of groups, organisations, and communities determined to prevent and reduce serious violence locally, including through the provision of grants within East Midlands primarily.

Community Foundation (for Merseyside)

Various grants for Lancashire and Merseyside to tackle the key social issues facing their closest communities.

End Violence Against Children

Global Funding to programmes around the world, contributing to projects that deliver practical, innovative, and effective solutions to end violence against children.

Comic Relief

Multiple changing grants available to Statutory Bodies including Local Authorities and Councils.

Closed Grants (with potential future openings)

Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership 

While applications for this fund closed in September 2022, there may be potential future funding allocations.

Safer Street Fund

The Safer Street Fund focuses on preventing violence against women and girls, as well as addressing public violence, neighbourhood crime, and anti-social behaviour. While recent bids may have closed, keep this fund on your radar for potential future funding rounds.

Potential Funding Foundations

In addition to grant opportunities, consider exploring support from these potential funding foundations:

Grant Search Platforms

To streamline your search for funding opportunities, consider utilizing these grant search platforms:

Local Government Association

This platform provides updates on grant news relevant to Local Authorities.

Government Funding Programmes

Gain access to detailed information about various government funding programs.

Find a Grant

Find a Grant is a valuable service that enables you to search for government grants that align with your organisation’s goals.

Turn2us Grant Search

This platform allows you to search for eligible charitable grants within specific postcode areas, simplifying the process of finding relevant funding opportunities.

We understand that securing funding can be a challenging step in bringing your VR initiatives to life. Several of our partners have sought and won grants to utilise Antser VR across their services and we welcome these conversations, inviting you contact us if we can support your funding process.

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