Immersive virtual schools launched by Antser will support isolated students

Immersive virtual schools launched by Antser will put isolated students back into the classroom

Immersive virtual schools launched by Antser will put isolated students back into the classroom In response to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, Antser, a leading provider of technology solutions to the children’s services sector, has developed a unique 360-degree VR solution which puts isolated children back in the classroom. The technology, named Antser Vision, will allow participating schools to provide students with secure access to the classroom – from any location – enabling a safe space, with continuity of learning and connection with teachers and peers. The launch comes shortly after the government announced schools will have a duty to provide education to children at home and that, under the Coronavirus Act, schools will be required to offer pupils not in school the same lessons as those in class. With reports of looked after children spiking in the months since lockdown and the number of pupils absent from school estimated to have risen by 50 per cent, it is more important than ever for schools to have solutions in place to support children and young people. Antser Vision will provide a whole school solution, potentially enabling a student to be in the school environment throughout the day – during registration, classes and even break/rest periods. Explaining the release of Antser Vision, Antser Group CEO Richard Dooner, said: “We’ve launched our 360-degree immersive technology in response to the growing demand for children and young people who are isolated to continue to benefit from a positive classroom experience. “Virtual classrooms are an enriching addition to the whole school situation and can be used to support a school’s existing home learning programme. Bringing together physically separated groups through VR has so many benefits and I would urge schools to consider integrating technology during this time of increased pressure.” Joy Waelend, Educational Lead at Antser Group, added: “From an educational point of view, I believe this is truly the answer. I work with many schools who are striving to cope with the pandemic, alongside improving their educational standards, and want to thrive, rather than just survive. This solution allows children to do more with their education. Antser Vision also provides options for remote school inspections and school governor contact, so has benefits for the whole educational system.” Thanks to a collaboration with FosterTalk, Antser has also met with fostering and education teams from the Department for Education to demonstrate this revolutionary classroom technology. Richard continued: “We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Department for Education to ensure vulnerable children and young people benefit from technological solutions, either in the home or at school.” Antser Vision can provide many benefits to both students and the school including small group sessions, direct tutor support, virtual playtimes and supporting mental health. Full information and details of Antser Vision can be found at Antser Vision for Schools

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