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CareMatch Portal is an online matching portal with a variety of frameworks that enables local authorities to efficiently and quickly match an individual’s requirements with a care package and service provider within their database.

Having a dual functionality – for both local authority brokers as well as third-party service providers, the CareMatch Portal brings essential time and costs savings by automating the referrals process, mitigating risks and offering a system that is able to choose the most suitable applications, taking into consideration key aspects of each provider registered through its portal.

why CareMatch Portal?

Version-controlled database of all local authority service providers

Direct integrations with Experian and credit reference agencies

Frameworks that can be tailored to match all local authority requirements

Full visibility of CQC and local authority provider rankings of all service providers

Automated email requests, communications and alerts

save time and resources

With CareMatch Portal, our teams will import your local authority’s list of providers to ensure all data is onboarded onto the system with referrals and agreements in place. 

To put it simply, we will reduce the manual tasks that your teams would otherwise need to perform on a daily basis by creating an automated system that is bespoke to your local authority and enables you to contact thousands of providers and assess their suitability in seconds. 

setting up CareMatch Portal for your local authority

We will create a bespoke referrals' system to match your local authority needs

Antser will import and onboard all service providers, existing referrals and documents

Once the setup is complete all providers will receive an onboarding request and support

Once in place, the system will allow you to submit referrals to all suitable providers simultaneously

The system will automate approvals, rejections and communications with providers

quality ratings

With CareMatch Portal, you will be able to verify the compliance of all service providers at all times. As part of the onboarding process, all providers will be required to upload legal documents required to take part in the bidding process. 

Furthermore, providers will have all quality rankings and CQC inspection ratings displayed, giving you the information you need to choose the appropriate care for your individuals. 

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