Dignity in Care - Antser
  • Adults and Transition 16+

Dignity in Care

This highly specialised course supports participants in developing an understanding of Dignity in Care in practice, including clarity of the legal responsibility they have to maintain dignity and respond to the poor practice of others
1 day
up to 22 people face to face
up to 15 people remotely

Learning outcomes


  • To explore and define dignity in the context of care;
  • To understand the legal context;
  • To understand key principles and values (the 6 C’s, the Common Core Principles, the 10 Dignity ‘do’s)
  • To learn how to plan for dignity;
  • To recognise challenges for dignity in different settings and explore ways to overcome them;
  • To understand the impact of poor practice;
  • To understand the importance of Whistleblowing.


“Dignity includes making sure that people have privacy when they need and want it, treating them as equals and providing any support they might need to be autonomous, independent and involved in their local community”. Care Quality Commission (CQC)

This course will provide delegates with an understanding of Dignity in Care in practice, including clarity of the legal responsibility they have to maintain dignity and respond to the poor practice of others. Through case study application of the key principles and values, and discussion and reflection throughout the day, the course will also equip them with strategies to ensure that dignity is maintained even in challenging circumstances.

This is a one day course suitable for professionals/practitioners working across all social care and health services including the registered provider sector. It would also be suitable for informal carers.

For example:

  • Social workers
  • Registered nurses
  • Registered managers
  • Support workers and other staff providing direct support
  • Healthcare Assistants

This course is delivered by our expert facilitators who will bring their first hand experience and tailor the course to suit your learning needs.

Our course covers the following topics:

  • Introduce self and aims for today
  • Defining Dignity
  • The Legal Context
  • Common Core Principles
  • Applying the Common Core Principles
  • The 6 C’s
  • The 10 Dignity ‘Do’s’
  • Reflection on Principles and Values
  • Planning for Dignity
  • Poor Practice
  • The Importance of Whistleblowing
  • Defining Dignity
  • Resources and Next Steps
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This course includes:

  • Case studies
  • Safeguarding practice reviews
  • Group work
  • Resources

Benefits of the course:

  • Up-to-date and in line with the key legislation and guidance in the UK
  • No pre requisites needed to join this course
  • Delivery from professional and expert facilitators in the field

Course Reviews

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