Emotional Harm and Neglect - Antser
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People

Emotional Harm and Neglect

This highly specialised course supports participants in developing a better understanding identifying neglect and the impact it has on the child or young person
2 day
up to 22 people face to face
up to 15 people remotely

Learning outcomes


  • Know the definition of neglect and various types of neglect a child can experience, drawing particularly on the impact of Physical, Emotional and Environmental Neglect.
  • Understand signs and symptoms of Child Neglect
  • The impact on professionals dealing with issues of neglect.
  • Understand the definitions of neglect and understand the legal context for intervention.
  • Know the impact of neglect on a child’s developing brain and its implications for child development across various domains


This training clarifies the spectrum of neglect in relation to a child’s developmental trajectory. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to identify neglect and to explore the impact of neglectful parenting on a child’s wellbeing. The major theoretical approaches to neglect will be examined and a range of tools and techniques considered for assessing the child’s safety, the child’s welfare and the needs of the primary carer. This will include an overview of the long term impact of physical, emotional and environmental neglect on a child.

Within the training there is also an opportunity to develop a range of strategies for working on a multi-agency basis to assess and prevent neglect, particularly with families where there is resistance, denial and little or no change. In such circumstances practitioners will require the knowledge and tools to assess effectively in order to make crucial decisions about care proceedings in order to protect the child from significant harm.

This course is delivered by our expert facilitators who will bring their first hand experience and tailor the course to suit your learning needs.

Our course covers the following topics:

  • Introduce self and aims for today
  • Overview Neglect – definitions, causes, types, impact on child
  • Child/parent Observation Skills
  • Engaging Reluctant Parent
  • Disguised compliance
  • Listening to Children
  • Interventions for Neglect
  • Parents Perceptions
  • Impact on Child
  • Assessing Parenting Capacity
  • Models for Intervention
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This course includes:

  • Case studies
  • Serious practice reviews
  • Group work
  • Resources
  • Exercises
  • Quiz

Benefits of the course:

  • Up-to-date and in line with the key legislation and guidance in the UK
  • No pre requisites needed to join this course
  • Delivery from professional and expert facilitators in the field

Course Reviews

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