Supporting people who self harm - Antser
  • Children Specialist Practice Areas

Supporting people who self harm

This highly specialised course supports participants in developing a comprehensive overview of thresholds for completing enquiries.
1 day
up to 22 people face to face
up to 15 people remotely

Learning outcomes

  • Construct a definition of self-harm and place self-harm on a continuum of other self-damaging behaviours, including suicide & suicidal ideation
  • Demonstrate increased awareness of the functions that self-harm may be serving for their clients
  • Identify and address the barriers that might be preventing a person from wanting to disclose or access support for their self-harm.
  • Demonstrate their understanding that purely preventative responses to self-harm can sometimes be counter-productive in terms of reducing risk and in promoting a therapeutic relationship
  • Demonstrate increased confidence to implement helpful responses/strategies when supporting clients who self-harm
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic harm-minimisation strategies that may be implemented with a client who self-harms


This course is targeted at staff who work directly with people who come into contact with a person who self-harms.

The course will provide participants with knowledge and skills in Positive Behaviour Support, how to apply this model and reduce episodes of people who are displaying self-harming behaviours

This course is delivered by our expert facilitators who will bring their first hand experience and tailor the course to suit your learning needs.

Our course covers the following topics:

  • Introduce self and aims for today
  • What is Self-Harm?
  • Understanding Behaviour
  • Person Centred Approach’s
  • Values and Ethics
  • Primary Prevention
  • Approaches which may reduce self-harming behaviours
  • Obtaining appropriate support
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This course includes:

  • Case studies
  • Safeguarding practice reviews
  • Group work
  • Resources
  • Small Group Work
  • Exercises
  • Handouts

Benefits of the course:

  • Up-to-date and in line with the key legislation and guidance in the UK
  • No pre requisites needed to join this course
  • Delivery from professional and expert facilitators in the field

Course Reviews

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