Webinar: Explore Antser's CareMatch Portal for Local Authorities - Antser

Webinar: Explore Antser’s CareMatch Portal for Local Authorities


TIME: 11:59

Area: Adult's

Topic: Explore Antser's Portal For Local Authorities

Mohammed Hussain - Head of Business Development at Antser As Head of Business Development at the Antser Group, Mo is responsible for planning and strategically delivering positive change across the health, education and social care sectors. Mo's experience and background reflect a proven track record of many years in leading teams to support clients with the delivery of technology-based transformations in sectors ranging from IT to education and social care. Hamzah Tahir - Head of Digital at Antser As Head of Digital at the Antser Group, Hamzah is responsible for the development and delivery of all key technological projects. With vast experience working with Local Authorities and Independent Care Providers, Hamzah’s understanding of the care sector reflects in his ability to provide solutions while supporting clients with the delivery of Antser technology. Hamzah has acted as a pivotal member of the CareMatch Portal development team, using experience and valuable feedback from LAs and ICPs to develop a seamless tool.


We recently launched CareMatch Portal - an online matching portal with a variety of frameworks that enables local authorities to match an individual's requirements efficiently and quickly with a care package and service provider within their database.

What will the event cover?

  • What CareMatch Portal is, and how the product can be used to provide cost and time savings within your local authority
  • How CareMatch Portal can aid in the evaluation of service providers through a customisable application process that can be suited to the need of your local authority.
  • A live 20-minute demonstration of features and overview of benefits covering: The provider's self-managing portal, customisable application process, referral/placement allocation demonstration
  • Early-bird offers for local authorities that sign up for our service


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