Webinar: CareMatch Portal Launch event - Antser

Webinar: CareMatch Portal Launch event


AREA: adult

TIME: 00:00

Area: Tech Sales

Topic: CareMatch Portal Launch event

Mo Hussain - Sales Director, Hamzah Tahir - Head of Digital


Antser provides a collective of smart services and products, designed and developed to improve service delivery. A partnership approach is core to our business and our pioneering services deliver a unique combination of skills, capabilities, and products that support technology-enabled transformation.

We are excited to launch CareMatch Portal - an online matching portal with a variety of frameworks that enables local authorities to match an individual's requirements efficiently and quickly with a care package and service provider within their database.

Having a dual functionality – for both local authority brokers as well as third-party service providers, the CareMatch Portal brings essential time and costs savings by automating the referrals process, mitigating risks, and offering a system that is able to choose the most suitable applications, taking into consideration key aspects of each provider registered through its portal.

LOCATION: online


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