Annie Fryer shares with us her thoughts on mental health in the workplace

Annie Fryer, Case Handling Manager at Carter Brown, shares with us her thoughts on mental health in the workplace

As a network we are committed to taking care of our employees. In a recent survey, it was revealed that 70% of our staff are comfortable in talking to their manager and over 60% believe that Anster do enough to support mental health in the workplace. In light of World Mental Health Day Annie Fryer, Case Handling Manager at Carter Brown (part of Antser), shares with us her thoughts on mental health and why it is so important to be supported in the workplace:

“My name is Annie Fryer, and I am the Case Handling Manager at Carter Brown, where I have worked for 5 years.

“A few years ago, whilst speaking to one of our clients, they mentioned that they were going to be undertaking Mental Health First Aid training that week and this really interested me. I therefore approached our company director, Kieran Darnell, to see if I could go on this training to become a mental health first aider for Carter Brown. Kieran was really happy to approve this, and also felt it was a good idea.

“I have always had a keen interest in mental health, mostly due to it having a prominent place in my family. I was very lucky that I was raised to openly discuss mental health, with my family and with medical professionals; however I know that this is not the common stance a lot of families take, even now in 2020.

“I really enjoyed my MHFA initial training, and following this I put a lot of my training into place in the workplace and helped a few staff members with their mental health – which was extremely rewarding. Last year I went back to MHFA and undertook the more comprehensive two day course, meaning I am now fully qualified as a Mental Health First Aider.

“Also last year, another staff member, Lisa Crowther undertook the MHFA training at head office with Jill Mead and it has been fantastic to promote mental health in the workplace alongside Lisa – we have put posters up in the office, held events and provided resources to all members of staff, in case they need support with their mental health.

“Staff wellbeing is extremely important at Carter Brown, and it is something that is always at the forefront of our mind. We regularly undertake events – for example, macmillan coffee mornings, our own Carter Brown Bake off – and dressing up at Halloween – to help make the workplace a fantastic place to be for our staff members.

“I think now with Covid being around a lot longer than we thought, we are all challenged more than ever to protect our own mental health, and our staff members too. Lisa and I are due to meet shortly to discuss how we can support our staff at home, in our roles as MHFA’s – at a time when they may need it the most.”

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