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Antser Learning engages within sectors where human feelings, vulnerabilities and safeguarding will always be priority. We believe we can change the face of the education sector by changing behaviours, challenging “the standard responses” and ultimately the outcome. We innovate, think outside of the parameters, continually change and progress, whilst always keeping human sensitivity at the heart of what we do. 

We provide learning and development that enables positive change by focusing on the everyday challenges for those working with children, families and adults. This includes social work professionals, occupational therapists, other social care practitioners, provider services and partner agencies within the education, social care and health sectors. 

Virtual Reality Suite

Antser Learning is proud to provide you with the opportunity to add our innovative Virtual Reality technology all Education courses. 
Virtual Reality (VR) technology provides another dimension to the learning environment and has been proven to accelerate behaviour change by enabling professionals to experience life through the eyes of children and young people. Feedback evidences that delegates have greater understanding and empathy and behaviour change is accelerated.
Antser VR technology is intuitive for trainers and delegates; it does not require integration with any other system – simply plug and play; and is fully supported by our dedicated Virtual Reality Tech team.
Once training is commissioned, VR headsets are deployed to the organisation prior to the training date for distribution to delegates.
All training (including training with a VR element) is currently being delivered remotely.

in-house training

All of our training is delivered exclusively to your organisation, and can be provided in a traditional classroom environment (when safe to do so) or remotely. 
All of our Education courses offer a wide range of tools and proven frameworks that equip professionals to confidently navigate and respond to the challenges they face.
We are also able to design and deliver bespoke training to support practitioners working in specialist areas or facing particular challenges.

open courses

We host a range of open courses which are suitable for individuals such as social workers and safeguarding practitioners across children’s services, adult services and partner agencies.

Due to COVID-19 all open courses are being delivered via Zoom. This works in the same way as face to face training allowing for group work, open discussion and the sharing of videos and case studies to support group collaboration.

All VR-Enabled

Improving outcomes for all children – VR-Enabled 

This course aims to offer participants the opportunity to use new methods of understanding the impact that adverse childhood experiences can have on a
child and explores methodologies that can improve outcomes for children in schools. 

Improved behaviour management using VR – VR-Enabled 

This course aims to help educationalists understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on children and young people. Throughout this course, learners will develop life-changing qualities, such as empathy and compassion. By fully understanding where children are ‘coming from’ and having the opportunity to ‘walk in their shoes’, our behaviour towards children can change as a result. Consequently, the management of behaviour within schools will change, making schools trauma-informed by focusing on the wellbeing of children. This course is designed to take educationalists through a process  that shows how behaviour management through a better understanding of ACEs can continue to improve school and child wellbeing as well as children’s mental health. 

Safeguarding level 2 – VR-Enabled 

This course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of general safeguarding practice
for children and young people. All Antser Learning courses equip practitioners to better support vulnerable children and young people by encouraging them to understand the  context and events surrounding the child, their wishes and feelings, and by encouraging children to take part in the processes that may surround them. We also encourage participants to consider not only their individual role and responsibilities in relation to the subject, but also to look at the subject from a multi-agency perspective. We use best practice and research examples throughout and encourage participants to develop a reflective and safe approach to their practice.

Safeguarding level 3 – VR-Enabled 

The aim of this course is to provide participants with a better understanding of some of the key specific and complex safeguarding issues, such as child exploitation and FGM. Participants will explore effective multi-agency responses to concerns that might arise, including assessment frameworks and the full range of child protection meetings, prior to reflecting on a number of practice messages from serious case reviews. 

The impact of domestic abuse – VR-Enabled 

The aim of this course is to explore the impact that domestic abuse can have on children and young people and look at how, within the education setting, we can better support them to improve their mental health and opportunities for a better life. Virtual Reality will be used as a tool to help learners walk in the shoes of children and, as a result, build enhanced empathy for them,  thus changing the way educationalists support children and young people through education. This powerful course can be life-changing for children and young people in school settings. By completing this course, learners will become more knowledgeable about the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and their professional ability improve outcomes for all pupils. 

The impact of child sexual exploitation (CSE) – VR-Enabled  

The aim of this course is to assist staff working with children and families to feel confident in recognising the signs of child sexual exploitation and equip them to act on them appropriately. This specialist course provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and gives participants the tools they need to use to identify and work with CSE victims, particularly in the education setting. Throughout this course we will also look at how we can support and help young people in schools to secure better outcomes and improved life chances as a direct result of the improved understanding of teams surrounding the pupils. 

Dealing with difficult, defensive and evasive behaviours  –  VR-Enabled 

The aim of this course is to provide practitioners with a range of tools and techniques that support communication and de-escalation models to engage service users in positive change. This highly interactive and engaging training is one of our ‘flagship’ courses and routinely receives exceptional feedback from participants. It is ideal for mixed groups of educationalists as well as partner agencies that have to regularly deal with difficult situations where adults may behave in ways which are hostile and un-cooperative.

Motivational interviewing – VR-Enabled 

This course aims at exploring Motivational Interviewing as a directive, person-centred
structured approach to working directly with children and young people. Its goal is
for the individual (not the practitioner) to identify and express concerns about their current
behaviour, thus generating their own arguments in favour of change. Experts agree that
Motivational Interviewing can effect real change in behaviour within a social care and education context.

Bespoke, responding to the current needs of your school – VR-Enabled 

We are able to offer you bespoke courses, specifically designed to your unique requirements, using virtual reality to deepen the learning experience for all participants.

Trauma 1 – VR-Enabled 

This course is designed for all members of the school community. In order to become fully trauma-informed as a school, it is essential that everyone in the  school setting is provided with access to this course. Throughout the course, learners will develop a more detailed understanding of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on the life of a child, beginning with the start of a child’s life, pre-birth. As a result of this course, empathy for the child will strengthen significantly which will enable learners to better understand the individual needs of children and, as a result, appreciate the importance of their efforts to improve the life chances of all children in a school setting. 

Trauma 2 – VR-Enabled 

This course builds directly on Trauma 1 and is designed for the professionals who work more intensively with the children and young people in supporting their educational needs within a school setting. This course would also be suitable to school leaders and those who are in a position to bring about cultural change within their school. The course will include more specialised content linked to understanding brain development and the long term impact of ACEs on a child or young person’s life, if not addressed. We will also explore effective ways of addressing the needs of a child who has suffered from trauma, in order to improve their outcomes at school.

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